The Magicians

Smarani and Sravani started Pushpak Viman together, about 2 years ago. They did it because they shared a passion for fairytales and design, and also because they’re sisters.

Smarani trained as an architect, until she gave up buildings to tell stories in fabric. Her training still shines through- you can see it in her attention to detail and the impeccable structure of every ensemble. Sravani has an MBA from Adelaide University, and she puts it to excellent use as the business head behind Pushpak Viman. The best part? She makes it look easy.

How we work

A little doodle on a scrap of paper, a pattern on an antique headboard, a fallen flower - there are stories all around us, just waiting to be heard.

It is from them that we take inspiration.

Where others see the everyday, we see enchantment. And that mystique seeps into our designs, creating motifs and characters that tell stories through cut, colour and fall. Of course, every tale so complex and textured needs to be told just right, which explains our extreme attention to detail.

Our team

There are some tailors who treat what they do as a job. The team of tailors and karigars at our studio treat it as a calling.